Boss lady with Afro

Artwork was done in the social project named Bring Back Maputo co sponsored by: Tintas CIN and Cervejas 2M (AbinBev)
Location: Rua de Arte, Baixa- Maputo.
In this work you can see a girl with combed natural hair, the bright colors spread across her shiny face with eyes wide open, representing the brilliance that exists in having self-esteem within her simple minimal look.
She looks natural and confident, this work is a celebration of the successful progress of the empowerment of women in Mozambican society, through public and private and religious institutions, women have taken on a leadership role in various positions in the country. The vivid colors of the work capture the attention of any city walker and art lovers who pass by baixa and this mural art also serves as a reminder to all homeless girls and boys who live on those streets that they can overcome regardless of the natural conditions of their visual, which is also attractive. , but few know.

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Title:                A Bosslady with Afro 

Year:                 2021
Execution:      2 working days