Artwork was done in the social project named Bring Back Maputo co sponsored by: Tintas CIN and Cervejas 2M (AbinBev) In this work of art you can see the text MAPUTO in the wall with colored geometric shapes across the art, I couldn’t find a better way to represent the architectural angles of the city of acacias without using geometric volumes, the colors demonstrate the diversity of our capital. This art atracts a lot of visitors in a street that once was negleted in downtown Maputo city. I joined this initiative Bring Back Maputo to give new and colorful artistic image of the street. To collect original works by artist Coana please click in the link below Collect

Location: Baixa, Maputo, Rua da Gavea
Title: Maputo
Street Art mural painting
Year: 2021
Execution: 8 working days